Other footwear accessories

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Other footwear accessories
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InnovaGoods Pocket Rain Cover for Feet (Pack of 2)

Protect your footwear and pants on rainy days with the help of the InnovaGoods pocket rain cover for..

5.72€ Ex Tax: 4.77€

InnovaGoods Travel Shoe Bag

Easily organise your footwear when you go away thanks to the new InnovaGoods travel shoe bag! A prac..

7.72€ Ex Tax: 6.43€

Laces 144564 (110 x 0,8 cm)

If you are thinking of renewing your wardrobe, buy Laces 144564 (110 x 0,8 cm) and other products! ..

0.34€ Ex Tax: 0.29€

Silicone Gel Heel Lift Insoles Elivate InnovaGoods

InnovaGoods makes it easy to prioritise your personal care without any excuses, as it offers the bes..

6.31€ Ex Tax: 5.26€

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