Doitshope and the COVID-19

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Doitshope and the COVID-19 virus

You can learn more about Doitshope actions to help customers, communities and employees affected by COVID-19 on our blog.


What do I need to know about ordering during a pandemic?


Delivery times may be longer than usual. You can find updated delivery times on the product details page for each item. Do not use delivery addresses for buildings that may be closed due to current regulations (eg schools).


We continue to provide regular, critical updates on logistics, transportation, supply chain and other processes, while following extensive health and safety measures to protect our partners as they select, package and ship products to meet demand and improve delivery speeds.


Is it safe to receive or return orders?


We are still processing orders and returns. To learn more about what we do for secure home delivery, visit Home Services. To start a return and learn more about returns, visit the Online Returns Center.


What is Doitshope doing about raising prices?


Doitshope does not allow price increases. We have a long-standing policy that prohibits pricing and we actively monitor our store for breaches. If we find breaches, we will remove the offer and take action against the wrongdoer, including removing royalties, blocking accounts or reporting to law enforcement.


You can submit a price concern. Report incorrect product information on the product details page, then select, and then quote the price. Although we cannot respond directly to all reports, we appreciate your feedback.