About us

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What is Doitshope?


Doitshope is a Marketplace platform that specializes in delivering a range of products to customers who shop on the internet channel across Europe.


Doitshope's competitive advantage is its value-added services, advanced hardware management and dynamic technology.




What does it offer?


Thanks to Doitshope's shopping volume, we offer our customers a wide range of top brands and numerous categories at very competitive prices, even in individual units.






Many suppliers with large stocks and brands have found that Doitshope is the ideal online partner, allowing them to access new sales channels across Europe through our customers, who have very specific requirements that require specific solutions. Because of all this, Doitshope is recognized as one of B2C's most important wholesalers, which also operates with fast deliveries.


Therefore, Doitshope is recognized as one of the most important wholesalers in the B2C sector that cooperates with both fast deliveries and European stock.


Doitshope was born from the dream of two entrepreneurs who used their talent, work and effort to make it happen.


This dreamy couple was able to surround a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to excellence and who have adopted the values that have shaped a project that continues to grow positively.


Every day new challenging and innovative projects emerge through which we never stop learning, as the digital sector is very dynamic and reinvention must be continuous.


Doitshope consists of those involved who are willing to share all their knowledge with their colleagues. They are motivations for people who live the project as if it were their own and  see how their daily work affects the success of the company.


 In addition, we are very well cared for! What surrounds us is fundamental to our daily lives and all this adds to the balance of our professional life with our family / personal life: